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The Tee Shirts will be sold until Sunday,        March 3, 2024, at midnight (PST).

Here we are again, the Practice Team sailing the 7 seas. This time on the Royal Caribbean’s Independance of the Seas.

Below is the official Practice Team 2024 Tee Shirt. Whether you are traveling with us or not, you should own one of our official 2024 Practice Team Tee Shirts. Keeping with the tradition of our last cruise in 2021 (
the first cruise without John McCray), this tee shirt has a memorial patch on the right sleeve.    

Right sleeve patch remembering our Practice Team Coach John T. McCray

For new members each year, we wear the Practice team Tee shirts on the ship REPRESENT NIGHT, which is usually the first day. We will be wearing it right after the muster or emergency drill. Then you may represent or wear something else that night. We also wear it when we take a group picture with Tom Joyner on the ship.

These are the only ones that will have all of the logos from each year of the Fantastic Voyage. You must preorder to get one. 

This is one of a kind. Any profit is used for practice team expenses. We do not charge dues or fees for our services. 


The Tee Shirts

It will be MAIL DIRECTLY to YOU.

Ordering Information

1.) The Tee Shirts will be sold until Sunday,        March 3, 2024, at midnight (PST).

2.) All orders will be mailed on Monday              April 1, 2024.

3.) Your order MUST have your correct                mailing address. We ARE NOT

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4.) Mailing information is transmitted via the       address supplied by your PayPal                  account.

5.) The orders are process via PayPal

Again, the last day to order Tee Shirts will be Midnight March 3, 2024

Don't call, email, or text we must have your order in by Sunday, March 3, 2024 or you will not be able to get a Tee Shirt.


Ordering information is below. However, keep in mind that all orders will be mailed DIRECTLY to YOU. The price of the tee shirts includes the shipping for orders within the Continental United States.

The orders are processed via PayPal

For information about shipping outside of the Continental U.S. or addition information about processing your order please send an email to 


​   The cost is the same as in 2023:

  • Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large - $35
  • 2X - $37.00
  • 3X - $38.50
  • 4X - $40.00

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NO ORDER will be accepted after:
Sunday, March 3, 2024