My name is John McCray better known as The Practice Coach. This will be my 16th Fantastic Voyage and each time it has been what I call a super Blast. In the pass years I have met so many that needed to practice before they undertake the Fantastic Voyage. If this is your first Fantastic Voyage, or if you have not practiced, or partied like this since last year, it would be a good move to join us.  As you may know or may have heard the party doesn’t stop. And if you plan on taking in all the fun you may need some practice. You don’t want to get out there and hurt yourself trying to keep up. Like all athletes you should train and practice. Even more so you need to warm up before you party so you won’t pull or break something. 

I am sending this request to you either because; you requested info about the Practice team. Or I or one of the practice team members talked to you. Or we do not have your contact information for the Practice Team list or we are missing some of your info. If you are being added to the team, there are no obligations, no dues, and no requirement. Only that you communicate with the team via email. You do not have to cruise with us every year; In fact you do not have to cruise to be a part of the team. We have had a great number of people come just to practice with us.

Also through our networking with about 1200 team members we can help to, Find cabin mates, and assist with other cruise needs. Last year we placed about 90 to 100 people with cabin mates. Assist with last Minute sale of a cabin and others. Some team members meet at other activities during the year. We keep you up to date with dates and schedules all during the year. This part of our team we call NETMATE or Netmating.

​​ So when you get on the ship you will have 1200 friends getting on with you. We keep the practice list up to date as we get new members. This list is shared with members only. You will be put on our email group list to receive good and helpful information. Each member is sent the practice agenda and helpful information before we leave home for the cruise.