Hi Team, here is the Practice Team 2019 tee shirt. For new members each year, we wear the Practice team Tee shirts, on the ship represent night, which is normally the first day. we will be wearing it right after the muster or emergency drill. Then you may represent or wear something else that night. we also wear it when we take a group picture with Tom Joyner on the ship.

We are the only ones that will have all of the logos from each year of the Fantastic Voyage. You must pre order to get one. 

The color may change, depending on availability.

This is one of a kind. Any profit is used for practice team expenses. We do not charge you dues or fees for our services. 

Ordering is now CLOSED, see below for  pick-up instructions.

There will be no phone or email orders.

March 08, 2019 is cut off for tee shirts, caps and hat orders. I must have your order in by this date.​​  


There are two options to order your Practice Team Gear and pickup prior to the 2019 cruise!!!


Option #1 (CLOSED !!!)

Send Check or money order made out to John McCray address below.
John McCray
P O BOX 310605
Birmingham, AL 35231-0605

In your order you must include
1. Your Full Name as it appears on the practice team list. 
2. The size of each tee shirt
3. Your check or money order made out to John McCray
4. Return address and phone number

5. Which day and time you will pick up your order a must

6. Please do not send just check or money without the above information. Without it your order may not be placed.
7. Only after you have mailed your check or money order, send me an email with the above information and I will send you a reply as a receipt when I received your order and your Check or money order. If you do not want conformation that I received you check or money order, you don't have to email me just wait for your canceled check.

Option #2 (CLOSED !!!)
Order and pay using PayPal.  Click here ==> Pay Pal  


You may also order tee shirts and caps, if you are not cruising this year. You will have to include $10 S&H for each item in your order. Your order will be mailed to you. Or make other arrangements. If you order two or more each item will incur a $10 S&H charge.

You can Mail Order via PAYPAL or mailing a check to John McCray at the address above. Remember you will be charged shipping $10.00 per item. Click here for PayPal SHIPPING ONLY !!!!

The cost:

  • Small, Medium, Large and Extra Large - $25
  • 2X - $26
  • 3X - $27
  • 4X - $28
  • 5X - $29


This is 2019 Tee shirt color and logo: ONE OF A KIND

                            Emerald Green

This is the logo for the 2019 Anniversary tee shirt, the official color for 20th anniversary's is Emerald Green and White.

​Caps and Hat One size fit all.





                 Cap $25                    Bucket Hats $30

Distribution of tee shirts and caps will be handling by Ronald & Gloria Mullins.

You will be able to pick up your order at one of three scheduled date and times. 

All orders not picked up or arrangements not made before we get on the ship will be canceled and your refund mailed to you after the cruise minus

$5 handling (sorry).

There will be no phone or email orders.

Picking up your order

You have three (3) different times in which to pick up your order

choose one and let me know in your order.

Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

Hilton Lobby
5101 Blue Lagoon Dr.
Miami, FL 33126

​​1. Friday April 5, 2019 4 PM until 7 PM Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

2.  Saturday April 6,2019 2 PM until 6 PM 2019 Hilton Miami Airport Blue Lagoon

3. On the ship pick up one hour only   Immediate after the muster: 
You may pick up order on deck 5 Promenade deck At the Piano Bar immediate after the muster, or emergency drill. We will be there for one hour only.  (I Will need time to get to cabin after the muster. ) This is your final opportunity to pick up your order. 

If you will be coming in on Sunday you must let us know in advance and make your arrangements to pick up your order if you know you will not make this pick up. 
You can arrange for someone to pick up your order and we must know who's picking for you. 

All orders not picked up or arrangements not made before we get on the ship will be canceled and your refund mailed to you after the cruise minus $5 handling (sorry).

Please Note:

Any tee shirts not picked up will be sold for $30 on the ship deck 5 Piano Bar after muster.

Dead line to order is:
                        March 8, 2019