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March 10, 2017 cut off for ALL Tee Shirt and Cap orders ​
Hi Team, Here is the Practice Team 2017 tee shirt. For new members each year, we wear the Practice team Tee shirts, on the ship represent night,  which is normally the first night. we will be wearing it right after the muster or emergency drill. Then you may represent or wear something else that night.

We are the only ones that will have all of the logos from each year of the Fantastic Voyage. This is one of a kind. Any profit is used for practice team expenses. We do not charge you dues or fees for our services.

You must follow instruction when ordering:
1. You must pre-order to get one.
2. There will be no phone or email orders.
3. You must include the shirt size (caps are on size fits all)
4. Remember the color may change, depending on availability.

You may also order tee shirts and caps, if you are not cruising this year. You will have to include $10 S&H to your order. Your order will be mailed to you. Or make other arrangements. If you order two or more the S&H may be more.

Tee Shirt cost is $20 for small up to extra large, add $1 for each X after XL.
2X - $21
3X - $22
4X - $23
5X - $24


Caps - $20

Bucket Hats - $21ype your paragraph here.