#My Dear Practice Team Members and Friends,

Today, I am appealing to you to help commemorate and celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Fantastic Voyage® in a unique and special way this year.  This initiative is called # PRACTICE TEAM CAMPAIGN 20, (PTC20). I would appreciate your supporting our beloved Practice Team’s new and very worthwhile goal of providing another level of support to students at HBCU’s.

         This goal is in keeping with the basic purpose of the Fantastic Voyage®.  As the Practice Team has more than 2,000 members and by contributing to this initiative, we can make an additional powerful impact.  Please donate in increments of $20 with the number 20 in the amount to the Tom Joyner Foundation.  For example, you may wish to donate $1,020, $220, $20, $10.20, $5.20, $2.20 or any amount you are inspired to give.  All funds help and benefit students at HBCUs. 

          As you are aware, the Practice Team LLC continues to grow because of the completely complimentary services for the past 18 years that are offered to our members. We do not work for Reach Media, Inc., the Tom Joyner Foundation, Inc. or Tom Joyner.  Those services include but are not limited to “net-mating” (assisting members in finding cabin mates for the Fantastic Voyage® and other popular cruises), assisting in reselling your cabin or spot in a cabin when unforeseen events occur, assisting with hotel arrangements pre- and post-cruising, hosting social and meet/greet events around the country, hosting and sponsoring the pre-cruise practice party and planning/scheduling pre and post-cruise conference calls to solicit input and keep members informed. If the practice team has helped you in any way in the past this is one way to show some appreciation for what we do.

#This is also my 20th anniversary of cruising on the Fantastic Voyage®, so I will start the Campaign by making my $220 donation please join me.

#We are asking for your DONATION  by March 20, 2019. 

You may go to the web site below or text by phone  to make your Donation  


#The text-to-donate keyword is PRACTICETEAM20. Donors will text this keyword to the number 41444 directly from their phones and follow the prompts to give.#

#You do not need to be a Practice Team Member nor do you have to be on this Fantastic Voyage® 2019 to participate.  All donations are appreciated to help our HCBUs

To participate in PRACTICE TEAM CAMPAIGN 20 (PTC20) please follow the guidelines below. 

We will try to  presented to total donation amount  to Tom Joyner during the 2019 Fantastic Voyage®.  In our efforts to be transparent and accountable, the total amount  list with name will  be shared with all members.  However, you may choose to be anonymous you may do so.

You may also continue to donate until June 1 , 2019

#As always, if you forward this information to someone else, you MUST copy me in that email. 

Thank you in advance for participating in further helping our HBCUs.


As always you may call me for more information or help.  Please include your first and last name when emailing me

if your full name is not part of your email address.

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Assistant Practice Coach / Senior Advisor:
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